*Subscription fee applies to receive push notifications and to monitor more than one water tank and pump controller on your phone.
  • Agriculture

    Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your liquid storage and management systems are continuously monitored, and you will receive alerts in case of issues or critical events. Water, pesticides, fertilizers, fuel, we can help you with the lot. Our values are ease-of-use, low cost and reliability.

  • Residential

    Avoid the stress of empty water tanks at your own home or your rented holiday house. With remote monitoring, you will receive alerts and notifications on your smartphone, allowing you to take action in the event of a water-related issue. Say good-bye to tank level anxiety.

  • Industrial

    Accurate monitoring of tank levels is crucial for optimizing industrial processes. Ensure fuel tanks are always replenished on time, detect leaks early, schedule liquid delivers to save transport costs. In a nutshell, reduce down-time caused by uncertainty in tank levels.

  • Mining

    We have solutions for a wide range of tank systems including fuels, chemicals, water management, tailings ponds, slurry tanks, acid storage, cyanide tanks. The applications are endless and the benefits are vital to maximizing mine operational efficiency and productivity.


Our Smart Water line is ideal for most wireless tank monitoring applications. The products have been designed to make DIY installation easy. Using the system is a breeze, you'll be up and running within minutes. The Smart Water line is low-cost, easy to use, and it is backed by many years of field-proven reliability and robustness.

Do you have a challenging monitoring problem?

Our featured products will suit most applications. Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements. If you have a special project, we can help you with that too. We've designed, built and commissioned systems with hundreds of measurement points. Let us help you take the pain and confusion out of your remote monitoring problem.

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