4G Product Closure


4G Product Closure notification

360Tanks 4G Monitoring Services will close permanently on 30th November 2023

It is with sadness that 360Tanks announces it will be closing down the 4G level monitoring service. Our tank level monitoring service has been operational for nearly 7 years and it has been a service we have been proud to offer and support. This was a difficult decision to make as we are well aware that customers continue to use and value the service and we recognize that its closure will have an impact on you.

If you wish to continue with water level monitoring services, we recommend contacting the following business:



Ellenex is an Australian company with many sensors deployed domestically and internationally. They offer a level sensor product similar to 360Tanks as well as additional sensor types such as pressure, flow and water quality. 

If you would like to continue with another provider, 360Tank level sensor hardware will need to be replaced. Unfortunately, these monitoring systems cannot reuse the 360Tanks level sensors.  

If you have any questions, please email:  info@360tanks.com